Album: Taragana Pyjarama “Nothing Hype”


Taragana Pyjarama is the most interesting emerging artist from Denmark at the moment. Nick Eriksen had previously produced under the Moniker “Eim Ick”, but put out an EP and the “Tipped Bowls” LP as Taragana Pyjarama on Kompakt last year. Heavy synths, complex structures, deep vibes, and bleepy goodness – his style is pretty exactly playing to my tastes. And while his tunes may not be the most accessible, they last that much longer. His new EP “Nothing Hype” is up there with the stellar album again – it is on heavy rotation on my iPod, and that is something not many musical endeavours manage these day.

I have to admit, Denmark was never really on my music radar. There was Trentemoller, of course – but nothing else. Now, with Efterklang, When Saints Go Machine and Tomas Barfod (of WhoMadeWho) going solo, the small country to my north has established itself muscially. Newcomer “Unkwon” is also on the watch list. But Taragana Pyjarama is the one I am most excited about. His newest work is of varied lengths and quality, ranging from the 10 minute semi-ambient piece “Touching” via the beatframed “PUR 1” to the vocal driven ballad “Beam”. It is a great mix of single tracks, adding up to a fantastic EP. And he put it all on Soundcloud, for you to listen below.

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One comment on “Album: Taragana Pyjarama “Nothing Hype”

  1. Jeff says:

    Denmark also has Rhye/Quadron!

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