Artist: Gold Lip

In continuation of our recent Denmark hype here at B/B, we present two songs by Gold Lip, a new 80ies retro outfit from Copenhagen. In fact, these are the only two songs they have so far, plus one mixtape. The group is connected to the Seapunk style, though their tracks feature neither retro-rave sounds nor trap stuff. Not even dolphin squeaks or water samples! But Boycrush aka Esben Weile Kjaer rocks the Seapunk life, and he has directed the videos below – he even seems to be a part of the group. Plus, credit where credit is due, I noticed them on Sea Punk Gang. I am looking forward to hearing more from these newcomers!

Merging the old “Artist of the Week” and “Talented” tags, the “Artist” category will be the home to background info on new or old artists. Well, to as much information as we can find. That isn’t very much sometimes, as you can see above. 

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