Album: Greco-Roman “We Make Colourful Music Because We Dance In The Dark”

greco-roman-compilationThe discus thrower has become a symbol for good parties, and for good music. First established in London and then spreading to Berlin, Greco-Roman started out as an underground scene party series, and later on developed into a small but select label. They now are about to release their first label compilation, and by looking at the tracklist it becomes obvious what a great roster Greco-Roman has acquired over the past few years. Totally Enormous Extint Dinosaurs, Disclosure, Chris Baio (of Vampire Weekend), Joe Goddard (of Hot Chip) are among them, as well as many contributing remixers. The downside to this awesomeness is the fact that many of the listed tracks are well known already, of course.

Listing Joe Goddard as an artist on Greco_roman isn’t completely fair though, because he is one of the three guys running the whole thing, along with Alexander “Full Nelson” Waldron of !K7 Records and Dom Mentsh, a music manager. They all met while working at Island Records in 2005, and decided to host some parties. What followed – and stayed active even after they left Island Records and (in part) London – was a pretty professional, but easy going part time DJ collective, a party series and, eventually, a record label. The compilation was long overdue, as can be seen by the long tracklist, stretching over two discs: One called “Colourful Music” and filled with originals, the other named “Dancing In The Dark” and containing mostly remixes.

Compilations run on different rules as regular albums do, of course, and pretty often lack coherence and rhythm. But with the back catalogue of Greco-Roman being as strong as it is, and carefully selected, this one is pretty well listenable in one go. Especially the first disc contains a lot of straight forward and pop oriented dance music, with personal highlights being Baio’s “Sunburn Modern” and “Step Together” by Joe Goddard and German house DJ Boris Dlugosch. The second disc is aptly titled and something for the dancefloor, but Four Tet, Session Victim or Lone make sure it stays classy. The compilation is out August 12th in the UK and one week later in the US. You can listen to it at Pitchfork Advance this week, but most of the tracks have been on Greco-Roman’s Soundcloud for a long time now. 

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