Album: Friends of Friends “Show Me The Future Vol 2”

Another label compilation is out this week, after Greco-Roman’s impressive double disc from last week. On “Show Me The Future Vol 2”, Friends of Friends don’t show off their own roster, but present electronic artists they think are going to – or deserve to be – big in the future, regardless of the label they are on. Their first compilation from last year was quite impressive, with artists like Ryan Hemsworth, Octo Octa or Kid Simpl definitely on the rise or up there in 2013. This time, the tracklist once again succeeds in presenting newcomers with the potential to make an impact on the music scene in the future. The mood of the compilation is mostly lush, dark and hard, just like the future will be. No, seriously, who knows what it will bring, musically or otherwise – but if it sounds anything like this, it will be alright. My favorite track is “I’m Guilty” by Coyote Clean Up, featuring Slava-style short-looped vocals and internet-scene trap/bass song structures. Or whatever. Listen to and download the compilation for free below.


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