Artist: Magnifik

Summer is ending on the northern hemisphere. So it is with a bit of melancholy that I introduce to you a DJ and producer from the other side of the world – from Canberra, Australia – who makes those sweet chill summer tunes we loved to dance to during the hot days of these past few months. Magnifik represents the sort of daytime disco or lounge house style that won’t overwhelm you or let you break into a sweat, but will fade into the back of the room, or your mind, and will fill all those uncomfortable cracks of your brain and take the edge off your life for a while.

Magnifik is the moniker of Ashley Feraude, who has been a regional professional DJ for many years now – and the experience can be heard. Everything sounds well crafted and sorted, albeit a bit functional at times. He is DJing under his real name and uses the “Magnifik” signifier for the “melancholic sounding electronic pop sounds”, as he told local Surya magazine. My favorite track of his is “Trouble Sleeping”, featuring the best elements of his style: Laid back groove, floating melody, driving beats and a carefully shifting track development.

Lately, he has been busy remixing some hot newcomers like Lorde or London Grammar, and of course his tracks have received some special treatment by others, too. So it seems that Ashley is very professional and well connected down under. But as he is always especially motivated by love from other parts of the world via his Soundcloud page, let’s give him some!

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