Album: Clara Moto “Joy Departed” EP

clara-moto-joy-departedAustrian DJ-producer and Berlin resident Clara Moto released her “Joy Departed” EP on Parisian label Infiné this week, to prepare us for her second full length “Blue Distance”, due in November. The five tracks span from the lighter side of deep house to held back electronic ballads – and despite the warm beats and sometimes driving bass, there is a distinct sadness pervading the tracks. That feeling is caried by the vocals, mostly, which have this certain German/Austrian half-spoken, arty and deliberately awkward style to them that can be traced back to Lali Puna and beyond. Emika is using this style too, and maybe she is a good comparison to Clara Moto, especially since the both of them covered Chris Isaac’s Wicked Game this year.

But while Emika has something cold and aggressive about her, Clara is mostly in a resigning mood. Her first album was called “Polyamour” (Infiné 2010) – maybe that love hasn’t worked out so well. But this sadness keeps the songs grounded and human, for example on my favorite track off the EP, “Disposable Darling”, which can be downloaded for free below. Not everything on this EP is gold – the title track is not very engaging and the closer dominated by a standardized house beat, but it is definitely good enough to make me curious about the full length. And November isn’t too far off anymore.

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