Album: The Fucked Up Beat “The Situationists”

Nostalgic 1920ies/1930ies samples – check. Cryptic titles and descriptions – check. Vague communist message – check. Released under a Creative Commons license on yet another net label – check. Guess it must be a new release by The Fucked Up Beat, the “sound project” by Eddie Palmer (NYC) and Brett Zehner (San Diego). Introduced by us earlier this year with their “Roswell Radio Cult” album, The Fucked Up Beat’s “Schizo Noir Trip Hop” is in full bloom again on this release. In the meantime there was a bit of a weaker effort, when the two artists relied too much on the nostalgic feel and atmosphere of those decades long gone (“Hunting A Schizophrenic Wolf”) – but by pushing for some heavier beats and stronger melodic progression, they managed to recapture my attention once more.

They don’t always make it easy on the listener, mostly by releasing too much and very similar stuff, but while some tunes are interchangeable, others stand out for sure. Especially those that are not overburdened by samples, but move along hypnotic beats, like “Non-Linear Architecture”, above. The title track is another heavy hitter, and if you like those two, you might probably be into the whole thing. Get it on the bandcamp on a pay what you want basis or on the Dresden net label Phonocake. They have built a large back catalogue in the past two years (!) and I am sure there will be something new again very soon.

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