Album: The Range “Nonfiction”

the-range-nonfictionSome albums are all over the place, or better yet: all over the places. Providence artist The Range’s debut album “Nonfiction” is one of those records, at home in the club as much as in the bedroom, in the gym or while walking through the city. This is mainly due to the fact that it takes up a lot of influences, from British jungle and rave to US footwork and hip hop, but is dominated by heavy synths and a superb feel for melodies. As you can see, he is all over the place geographically, too. How fitting, that James Hinton, as is his real name, has released two EPs so far on Brighton label Donky Pitch, and his new album is on their Bandcamp too, but is being issued on vinyl via Berlin label Project: Mooncircle.

The Range is on the verge of his breakthrough with this album, playing showcases for Gorilla vs. Bear and Pitchfork with the likes of Blue Sky Black Death and Ryan Hemsworth. And it is truely deserved, as the learned drummer has the rare talent of combining fast rhythmic patterns with smooth melodies. And with this talent, he not only holds the different styles together, but melds them into something beautiful. Hinton uses samples he rips off of random Youtube videos, as he told Pitchfork, but the sound is bright and clear, almost glistening. If the slow burning, hypnotic album closer “Metal Swing” intruiges you, listen to the whole album below, courtesy of Dazed Digital.

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