Album: Kallisti “Arc of Fire”

kallisti-arc-of-fireMaybe you remember d’Eon’s Kallisti remix of Kuhrye-oo’s “Give In (For The Fame)” from last year, or maybe you don’t. Back then, Canadian producer Chris d’Eon used the name Kallisti (the Greek mythological “Apple of Discord”) for a Nineties breakbeat and rave-reminiscent style that was not completely out of touch with the synth and keyboard based tunes he featured on his d’Eon-albums or the “Music For Keyboards” series, but which was definitely more out there and prone to the dancefloor than the keyboard studies or musings about the apocalypse on the internet he previously did. It now turns out that he not only did the remix in the summer of 2012, but a whole white label album worth of material which he is now releasing under the moniker “Kallisti” via UNO NYC‘s imprint NORELATION.

You can come to this album from both sides, and still find something that you like: From the experimental to sometimes cheezy d’Eon stuff as well as from the 90ies retro dancefloor. It mostly runs pretty smoothly through the breakbeats, but has enough hiccups and playful changes to offer to justify an attentive at-home listen. “Arc Of Fire” is only the second release on this imprint, following the belated publication of LOL Boys’ Moments in Heartbreak last year. It is a worthy follow, breathing the same odd retro-but-oh-so-modern air as the internet music pioneers did a few years ago. Listen to the whole album at Pitchfork Advance prior to its official release next week.

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