Track: Todd Terje “Spiral” / “Q”

Did you make your top track list of 2013 yet? Hold on a second, here is one of the hottest contenders, bound to kick one or even two other poor artists off that list. Norwegian disco genius Todd Terje released “Spiral” today, only his second track this year. But then again, each of Terje’s tracks is worth several tracks by other artists – not only by length, but by quality, too. While “Strandbar” earlier this year was delightful and had a spot on my list for sure, he now has gone and did one better. “Spiral” is as dancey as we are used to by Terje, but most of all has a wonderful hypnotic quality to it. “Q”, the B-side (if you want to call it that) explores this quality even further, and gets you to space out completely in the second half of its runtime of twelve minutes. Enjoy. It doesn’t get much better than this in 2013.

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