Artist: Abe

It is time for the blogosphere to get out of its turn-of-the-year slumber, and for us it is Sheffield’s dark synth trio Abe that gets the honor. Abe’s debut EP “Heave-Ho” was released in December, and it is displaying the newcomers talent and feel for 80ies pop melodies, highly reminiscent of Twin Shadow to me. You may say they are coming a bit late to the game – haven’t we moved on from that sound by now, towards more, well: fun stuff that feeds on the Nineties? And it is true, lead singer Clubbs Coldron and the Rodgers brothers (as I guess they are) could loosen up here and there and get playful. But it is an impressive, professionally controlled debut EP, positioning itself in just the right space between experimental ideas and pop allure. The EP is a promise of good things to come from these three guys, so let’s see where they go from here. Listen to it on their bandcamp below.

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