Album: myonemanband “ADAPTER” / BLACKFACE “mono-textura”

The Flaming Lips famously released the four-CD album “Zaireeka” back in 1998 – not to be played after one another, but all at once! As crazy as we know Wayne Coyne and his hillbillies to be, they even experimented with letting dozens of cassette tapes play simultaneously at that time. Now, experimental electronic-newcomer Phill Wilson does something along these lines when he releases not one, but two debut albums under two different monikers on Adult Teeth next week, also to be played simultaneously. In 1998, surround sound wasn’t very common, but times have changed and most people have it now – so why then release two records when one would suffice? The reasons are simple: Playfulness and user control.

You can listen to one album apart from the other, or both at once and experiment on two stereos (or, more likely: two different browser windows) by turning the sound on and off or changing the volume settings. While the albums as such are running smoothly on their own, they somehow feel unfinished then. Which is no wonder, really. The full potential gets realized when they are played together, with at some times “ADAPTER” and at other times “mono-texture” taking over the minimal beats, meanwhilst the complimentary piece is there for the ambience part. Mind you, this is something for the geeks, of course!


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One comment on “Album: myonemanband “ADAPTER” / BLACKFACE “mono-textura”

  1. Josu Mämmi says:

    Great idea, inspiring… The ambient track really makes the piece breathe.

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