Remix: Factory Floor “How You Say” (Daniel Avery Remix)

London trio Factory Floor and fellow homie Daniel Avery both published their thrustful deep house debut albums last year – to much critical acclaim. Now the latter is remixing the former on Factory Floor’s new DFA single release How You Say, and it turns out to be the perfect pairing with surprising results.

The original Factory Floor track is a percussion driven house track close to the typical DFA disco touch. But only close to it, as the depth, or shall we say: deepness, is embedded in their very musical soul and brings out their well known hypnotic industrial vibe. Daniel Avery added something quite different though, and it can be heard from the first few seconds: There is a carpet of mellow synths spanning the beats that is neither typical for him nor for them, bordering on ambient at times.

German electronic musician Helena Hauff is responsible for the other remix on this small release, and her playful synth tides are worth a listen, too.

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