Remix: Illum Sphere “Embryonic” (Legowelt Remix)

It usually isn’t a good sign, if the Soundcloud waveform of a track resembles more a block than a wave, as the tracks tend to be overamplified. Veteran Dutch producer Legowelt now defies such prejudice with the superb density and hypnotic accuracy featured in his techno remix of Ryan Hunn aka Illum Sphere’s “Embryonic” off the Manchester club owner’s Warp debut “Ghosts Of Now And Then”. (One of the album highlights of 2014 so far.) Legowelt himself just released his latest effort Crystal Cult 2080 on Crème Organization, so if you like this, try that. The remix is part of Hunn’s mini-LP for Record Store Day on April 19th, but until then you can listen to the track on SC, courtesy of Mixmag. I recommend multiple runtimes – it just doesn’t get old.

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