Track: Kölsch “Cassiopeia” feat. Gregor Schwellenbach

In 2013, German composer Gregor Schwellenbach interpreted a track by Danish electronic musician Rune Reilly Kölsch in his concerts for Cologne label Kompakt’s 20th birthday celebration. It wasn’t included on the album release, but Kölsch was so impressed by Schwellenbach’s version of Der Alte that he now put a complete collaborate rework of the track, renamed into “Cassiopeia”, on his new Speicher 79 release, out today. The A-side “Papageno” is also a rework, citing another Kölsch classic (“Loreley”), and features vocals from When Saints Go Machine singer Waa Industry. You can listen to an excerpt of that one on Beatport, and to “Cassiopeia” below, courtesy of mixmag.

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