Remix: Arcade Fire “Afterlife” (Flume Remix)

Arcade Fire’s “Afterlife”, one of the best tracks on last year’s “Reflektor” album, gets a treatment by Aussie shooting star Flume. On paper, it looks like quite a combination: Indie superstars meet electronic music big room banger. In reality, it ended up being quite a departure for Flume, as instead of the sweet, short and tightly wound tracks he usually delivers, this remix ended up being a ten minute meditation on vocal repetition, choral ambience and skittering breakbeats. The problem is, Flume dug a bass hole for himself in the past years, pulled all of the ADHD kids in with him, and now it is difficult to climb out of it. Musically, the result is not especially interesting, but seeing the supporters and haters trying to come to grasp with this Flume remix – and leaving their marks in the Soundcloud comments, below – might bring an evil grin on your face.

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