Album: Rustie “Green Language”

rustie-green-languageGlasgow producer Rustie has chosen to stream his new album “Green Language” in a nowadays not-so-new, but still fun way – as a browser-game. You run through a nineties-style pixelated landscape and activate separate tracks off the album by reaching certain pylons. “Up Down” is playing while you have to jump from platform to platform, you fly to the track “Raptor” and have to find your way through a maze to “Let’s Spiral”. Every time you touch a new pylon, the last song stops and the next starts, and what seems like an annoyance first, is basically what the album itself is like. Fade-ins and changes, emerging sounds and rhythms, tries, errors and successes.

Just like with any soundtrack, it is hard to shake the images and the experience of the mini game from the sounds afterwards – which is extra value, of course, but it makes reviewing the sounds on their own that much harder. Anyway, if you know Rustie’s debut “Glass Swords” from 2011 or his BBC Essential Mix, you basically know what you are getting with “Green Language”, too: Everything. Sweet synth melodies, bass thumps, guest singers and rappers (including Danny Brown, below), experimental drafts, ambient sounds, 8bit bleeps and trap hooks. His first album didn’t invent anything new, and this does neither, but once again, he get’s the mix right. In a very charming way, “Green Language” doesn’t want to be more than it is, doesn’t overstay its welcome, and thereby is thoroughly enjoyable. It is the underdog among Warp‘s fall releases by Aphex Twin, Hudson Mohawke and Flying Lotus. But so far, I am rooting for the underdog.


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