Album: CFCF “The Colours of Life”

CFCF-the colours-of-lifeDo your dreams include Marimbas and Panflutes, too? Korallreven‘s do, this author’s do, and so do Michael Silver’s aka CFCF’s – at least judging from the high point of his lastest album “The Colours of Life”, released two weeeks ago via 1080p. Although the album is one continuos mix and should be listened to in one go from start to finish, it contains twelve distinct parts or movements – and “A Real Dream” more than halfway in deserves to be called its climax. Not only this one dreamy “movement” has panflutes, xylophone, sax and generally cheesy CR-78 drum machine sounds: The whole album is one eighties TV movie soundtrack.

It is choreographed as to be a “Departure” from this world and a “Return” to it at the end – similar to a drift into sleep and back again. There is a name for that mental state at the edge of sleep, called hypnagogia, and you may remember the music genre named after this state – hypnagogic pop – which was pushed around several blogs a few years back. It turns out, hypnagogic pop held back its best work until now. Because Silver has been working on this album for four years, as he writes in a statement accompanying the album release. He claims to have been inspired by Phil Collins, of all people, to start working on it. The song he refers to, Hand in Hand from 1981, is a great peace of music and may be Collins’ best work. And yes, it is cheesy, but also very easy to underestimate because of it – and so is “The Colours of Life”. If you give yourself to it sincerely, it will reward you with a perfect, relaxing journey into your own mind.

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