Track: Fascinator “The Traveller”

It is always good for the reception of smaller artists to associate themselves with some big names, just to get some attention and to open up peoples heads. So here are two for you, regarding Johnny Mackay aka Fascinator: He opened for Tame Impala in Los Angeles this year and his upcoming debut album “Man” on Spinning Top is co-produced by Darren Seltmann, formerly of The Avalanches. All Aussies, right? Well, Mackay is too, though he currently is residing in New York City. Like those two acts, his stuff is pretty psychedelic and a bit out there. Must be something in the water down under. Not as retro as Tame Impala, not building on samples like The Avalanches, but instead with looping bass lines, repeating horn and piano stabs and lo-fi beat boxing. To be honest, I am not too sure about his vocal skills, but check out the second teaser single for the album below.

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