Mix: Young Adults “Hazey”

Here’s another great summer mix, this time by Young Adults – the LA label, not the Massachusetts indie band, mind you. Their name instantly rang a bell, and yes, they played a Boiler Room set with LOL Boys, Groundislava, Shlohmo etc. two years ago. I lost sight of them in the meantime, but with this mix of mostly unknown, laid back house tunes, they are definitely back on my radar. Just after the 30 min mark comes the real good stuff, and they keep it up until the very end. It was “recorded with love while my daughter hazel slept in the other room. all vinyl, one take, slightly sloppy.” That’s the way it ought to be.


Mix: Galcher Lustwerk “Sad Summer”

Ever since his Blowing Up The Workshop mix from last year, people pay attention when Brooklyn deep house producer Galcher Lustwerk presents a new mix. Today, he uploaded one hour of “Sad Summer” tunes on his Soundcloud. It isn’t as dark and trippy as the Workshop mix – it mostly not even contains house tracks, but laid back R&B, hip hop and even dream pop songs. It works though if you just want to relax for a bit and let your mind float. He announced on his tumblr that he “will probably take this down in a few days”, so hurry and give it a listen while you still can.

Mixtape Love: Poolside “Stir It Up”

You know summer has arrived when LA duo Filip Nikolic and Jeffery Paradise, aka Poolside, release a new mixtape on their Soundcloud page.  It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year since their last one but “Stir It Up” is filled with groovy tropical vibes and is a great way to start the summer right.  THIS is your soundtrack for those warm days spent leisurely by the pool with friends, drinks and a BBQ pit.  All of the tracks are Poolside edits but be sure to check out minute 44 for a brand new track from the band.