Track: Fascinator “The Traveller”

It is always good for the reception of smaller artists to associate themselves with some big names, just to get some attention and to open up peoples heads. So here are two for you, regarding Johnny Mackay aka Fascinator: He opened for Tame Impala in Los Angeles this year and his upcoming debut album “Man” on Spinning Top is co-produced by Darren Seltmann, formerly of The Avalanches. All Aussies, right? Well, Mackay is too, though he currently is residing in New York City. Like those two acts, his stuff is pretty psychedelic and a bit out there. Must be something in the water down under. Not as retro as Tame Impala, not building on samples like The Avalanches, but instead with looping bass lines, repeating horn and piano stabs and lo-fi beat boxing. To be honest, I am not too sure about his vocal skills, but check out the second teaser single for the album below.


Track: Max Graef & Glenn Astro “Magic Johnson”

Berlin vintage house upshots Max Graef and Glenn Astro are going to release their first 12″, called “Magic Johnson”, on the British label institution Ninja Tune next month. Both have put out fantastic debut LPs on Tartelet Records in the past two years and lots of jazzy house cuts on the vinyl-only label Box aus Holz. But still, Ninja Tune is a big step up and one can only wish them the most wide-spread reception possible. Check the A-side out below.

Track: Kölsch “Cassiopeia” feat. Gregor Schwellenbach

In 2013, German composer Gregor Schwellenbach interpreted a track by Danish electronic musician Rune Reilly Kölsch in his concerts for Cologne label Kompakt’s 20th birthday celebration. It wasn’t included on the album release, but Kölsch was so impressed by Schwellenbach’s version of Der Alte that he now put a complete collaborate rework of the track, renamed into “Cassiopeia”, on his new Speicher 79 release, out today. The A-side “Papageno” is also a rework, citing another Kölsch classic (“Loreley”), and features vocals from When Saints Go Machine singer Waa Industry. You can listen to an excerpt of that one on Beatport, and to “Cassiopeia” below, courtesy of mixmag.

Track: The Hellen Hollins Singers “Consolation” (Nicolas Jaar Edit)

Nicolas Jaar and his fellow Chileans needed some consolation after the penalty shoot-out against Brazil in the World Cup today. It was a close call, and the Chilean team gave its best, but in the end got kicked out of the tournament. Jaar uploaded an edit of a track by the 80ies soul group The Hellen Hollins Singers onto the Soundcloud account of his label Other People right after the game. Listen to it or download it now – who nows for how long it will stay online. But then again, I guess the disappointment will carry for some time. See you again in four years, Chile!

Track: Stimming “Southern Sun”

German house musician Martin Stimming released a small but delicious EP on DJ Koze’s Pampa Records last week. Stimming, as he calls himself officially, previously put out three LPs on Solomun’s Diynamic label, but this EP – with its smooth, jazzy elements and chill vocals mixed over a dry beat – is a perfect fit for Pampa. I don’t know anything about Piper Davis, who contributes the vocals on the tracks, but that she is Canadian and, judging by her Soundcloud, on her own is mostly into retro-disco.

Track: Miss Modular “Reflektor Pack 4/4”

Browsing through FACT magazine’s 10 house and techno producers to watch in 2014, this was the standout track for me. I don’t know anything about the track except for that it is was released on London’s young Her Records on Christmas Eve and that it is a hard stabbing techno anthem if ever I heard one. You can read an interview by Miss Modular and label bud Sudanim over at Truants – talking about Jersey Club, Night Slugs, Hyperdub and the London scene. Go ahead, and trust me to be watching the artist in the meantime.

Track: John Talabot “08-01” (Demo)

It is John Talabot’s birthday today, and instead of the Barcelona producer getting the presents, he decided to give one to us – in the form of a demo he uploaded on Soundcloud just now. It starts out similar to the track “Missing You” from his fantastic 2012 album “ƒIN ” and builds up nicely from there on out. Here’s what he says: “it’s my bday today. here a demo I’ll never be able to finish or properly release because I lost the files. free download. thanks. jt”. Happy Birthday, John Talabot!